I am a painter who has gained the bulk of my understanding through observing the landscape. Painting the land is a well-orchestrated effort to break-down, understand and recreate space. I am tackling the biggest challenge a painter can give themselves: making a viewer believe they’re viewing miles when looking at a flat surface.


Painting from the land connects me to my surroundings and has heightened my awareness of structure and convergence in the natural world. My work presents atmosphere – an ephemeral sense of place, time and light. These delicate things and their interaction fail to be wholly described with language. I aim to not only describe a place through my painting, but also to develop a sense of connection within the viewer, making them not only recognize where I've studied - but also what it feels like to be there.


Working both outdoors and from photographic studies, my process focuses on exposing, and sometimes exaggerating, the essential natural elements to create space. While I am a representational painter, this filtering, or boiling-off of the unnecessary, embodies the essence and origin of abstraction.


My work is more than a reproduction of nature; it seeks and celebrates the essential spacial elements in the natural world.





UMass Dartmouth

’98 BFA Graphic Design

’10 MAE Art Education



Fine Art Instructor

Somerset Berkley Regional High School

Drawing, Painting, Digital Photography and Art History



Tradition and Change

Cherry & Webb Gallery. Fall River, MA

May, 2009


Alumni Show

James F. White Gallery. Somerset, MA

January, 2010


Local Scene

Cherry & Webb Gallery. Fall River, MA

April, 2010


With[in] Nature

CVPA Gallery. North Dartmouth, MA

March, 2010


Several Years On

Cherry & Webb Gallery. Fall River, MA

February, 2012



UMass Dartmouth Magazine Spring 2010


The Bay Magazine

January, 2012